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COVID-19 Safety Information

At Kel-Tech, we are enforcing personal distancing and providing PPE to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

By determining how we can best support our workers, providers, and employers, together we can stop this pandemic.

We can help you develop Policies and Procedures to ensure compliance with audited work sites that meet WorkSafeBC recommendations.

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covid-19 safety information

As an Employer, you are required to have established policies to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. We can help with the development of Safe Work Practices and Job Procedures in order to ensure your compliance in combating this virus.

See where you stand by answering the following questions, yes or no.

Employer Responsibilities:


  1. Use the risk-informed decision-making guidelines for workplaces/businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Insure there is increased communication to your staff Prime Contractors and Sub-Contractors in regard to COVID-19 and measures you are taking for prevention
  3. Post signs asking ill clients or Prime Contractors to stay away from your workplace.
  4. Post signs encouraging good respiratory hygiene, hand hygiene, and other healthy practices
  5. Where feasible, adjust policies and procedures to reduce social contact, such as teleworking arrangements, flexible hours, staggering start times, use of email and teleconferencing.
  6. Cancel or postpone all non-essential meetings or travel.
  7. Evaluate the workplace for areas where people have frequent contact with each other and share spaces and objects, and increase the frequency of cleaning in these areas.
  8. Consider ways that employees can practice social distancing, such as increasing distance between desks, people in line-ups and workstations.
  9. Consider minimizing interactions between customers and your employees, such as limiting the number of customers permitted in your establishment or serving customers over the phone. Ideally, a 2 meters separation should be maintained, unless there is a physical barrier (e.g. cubicle, Plexiglas window).

Provide the necessary facilities and cleaning products to maintain a clean and safe workplace


  1. Provide access to handwashing facilities and place hand sanitizing dispensers in prominent locations throughout the workplace
  2. Ensure that high traffic work areas or frequently touched surfaces are disinfected twice daily.
  3. Ensure that cleaning supplies are available for employees to clean and disinfect their workspace.
  4. Provide employees with any personal protective equipment recommended by occupational health and safety guidelines, and training to ensure it is used correctly.
  5. Do your employees have a current Fit Test to wear respiratory protection? Call the number on our Webpage to set up Fit Testing or email keltech4@shaw.ca

Make sure employees know what to do when they have symptoms


  1. Have you developed sick leave policies that support your employees in self-isolating when ill? This includes suspending the need for medical notes to return to work, as it reduces the burden on an already stressed health care system.
  2. Are you recommending that public transportation be avoided to come to work if possible, or try to avoid peak travel periods to reduce exposure?
  3. Consider how your employees will return home without using public transit if they develop symptoms at work.
  4. Prepare for increases in absenteeism due to illness among employees and their families or possible school closures.

Work-related travel


  1. Do you have a policy established stating that non-essential travel should not occur at this time?
  2. Consider the risks and benefits related to any upcoming essential travel and evaluate other options, such as postponing, cancelling or participating virtually.
  3. Check the latest information on affected areas and any travel health notices.
  4. When you return from any travel outside Canada, are you or your employees self-isolating for 14 days?
  5. When you return from travel within Canada, are employees monitoring themselves for symptoms, such as a cough, fever or difficulty breathing for 14 days?
  6. Anyone that develops even mild symptoms, such as cough, fever or difficulty breathing, isolate yourself at home and contact your local Public Health Authority for further instructions (Dial 811)

Work-related travel for essential workers


  1. Essential transportation workers, such as truck drivers, rail, or aircrew, are required to travel to ensure the movement of goods and people necessary for the COVID-19 response and ongoing functioning of the country.
  2. Essential workers are not required to self-isolate for 14 days after work-related travel but are required to self-monitor closely for symptoms, and to self-isolate immediately if they develop even mild symptoms.

We can all do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

For help in developing your own Policies and Procedures call us today.

Additional information visit Canada.ca/coronavirus or contact 1-833-784-4397.

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