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Construction Safety Officer Services

Safety Consulting

We Provide Qualified Construction Safety Officers (CSO’s) for:

  • Pulp Mills – Mines – Oil and Gas
  • Project Assessments
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Site Safety Audits
  • Liaison with WorkSafeBC
  • Employee Indoctrination
  • Coordination of Safety Management Systems for field workers
  • Supplied Air Services (Welding, gouging stainless steel, etc. including set-up and monitoring for any area requiring Fresh Air Services)
  • Fully qualified Occupational First Aid Attendants (Levels 1-3)
  • Certified External COR Auditor
  • COR preparation for External Audits
  • Assistance in completion of ISNET, PICS and CanQual
  • Construction Sectors throughout Canada, Alberta and the United States
  • Trained Safety Watch personnel for Confined Space Entry
  • State of the art Gas Testing Equipment and Personnel

Custom Designed Site Safety Manuals:

Kel-Tech Safety Services designs custom Site Safety Manuals created specifically for each client and their company needs. Our Safety Manuals will meet all Certificate of Recognition requirements for small (SECOR/ under 10 employees) and large (COR / over 10 employees) employer

Our Site Safety Manuals are customized specifically to your company, and can be delivered to you via email or on CD file via snail mail. So that you can easily print as many copies of your Site Safety Manual as you require.

We recommend having a hard copy in the following areas:

  • Main Office
  • Lunch Room
  • Every Company Vehicle
  • Supervisors
Kel Tech Safety Services Victoria Duncan Nanaimo Ladysmith Site Safety Manuals

We also recommend a virtual copy in the following areas:

  • Main Office Computers
  • Supervisors Cell Phones

Set up an appointment today, to have one of our Construction Safety Officers meet with you, inspect your business site and help you set up your safety program.

Confined Space and Gas Testing:

What is a Confined Space?

As per WorkSafeBC regulatory guidelines, a “Confined Space”, except as otherwise determined by the Board, means an area, other than an underground working, that:

(a) Is enclosed or partially enclosed,
(b) Is not designed or intended for continuous human occupancy,
(c) Has limited or restricted means for entry or exit that may complicate the provision of first aid, evacuation, rescue or other emergency response service, and
(d) Is large enough and so configured that a worker could enter to perform assigned work;

Employer Responsibilities:
Before a worker is required or permitted to enter a confined space, the employer must prepare and implement a written confined space entry program which includes

(a) An assignment of responsibilities
(b) A list of each confined space or group of similar spaces and a hazard assessment of those spaces, and
(c) Written safe work procedures for entry into and work in the confined space, that address, where applicable
(i) Identification and entry permits
(ii) Lockout and isolation
(iii) Verification and testing
(iv) Cleaning, purging, venting or inerting
(v) Ventilation
(vi) Standby persons,
(vii) Rescue,
(viii) Lifelines, harnesses and lifting equipment,
(ix) Personal protective equipment and other precautions, and
(x) Coordination of work activities

Therefore, if any of the above criteria need to be met, we are there to ensure safe access into the confined space with trained people, proper paperwork and rescue equipment if required. We make confined space “hassle free” and “stress free”. Kel-Tech Safety Services Inc. is proud to acknowledge that we strictly adhere to the WorkSafeBC regulatory guidelines as well as the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) standards.

Here are some of the main areas we provide services to and specialize in:

  • Digesters
  • Chambers
  • Dearators
  • Towers
  • Lime Kilns
  • Marine Vessels
  • Water Chests
  • Power Boilers
  • Recovery Boilers
  • Evaporators
  • Precipitators
  • Trenches
  • Tanks
  • Sewers

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