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Training and Testing

Kel-Tech Safety Services Inc. can arrange individual and/or group on site testing and training for proper safety techniques and procedures, according to the Occupational Safety Standards (OCS) for the following categories:

Respirator Training

The employer must provide appropriate respiratory protective equipment if a worker is or may be exposed to concentrations of an air contaminant in excess of an applicable exposure or excursion limit, or to an oxygen deficient atmosphere.
Kel-Tech helps employers by performing fit tests to ensure that the respiratory protection has an effective seal with the face; proper paperwork is completed on fit tested employees to ensure employer due-diligence. Kel-Tech helps your staff breathe easier.

Kel Tech Safety Services Victoria Duncan Nanaimo Ladysmith Respirator Testing & Training

Fall Protection Awareness Training

Kel-Tech Fall Protection Awareness Training Instructors will guide you through all situations of Fall Arrest, from the different types of Fall Protection, to what personal protective equipment to use and how to calculate Fall Clearances. Our trained instructors will explain in detail what you need to know, emphasize key points and test your knowledge retention after each step. Having your employees and supervisors fully trained in Fall Protection Awareness, shows the employer is doing their “Due Diligence” and that they comply with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Gas Testing Training

Kel-Tech tests all required gases such as Oxygen; Combustible gases; Hydrogen Sulphide; Carbon Monoxide; Sulphur Dioxide and any other gases required.  We use state of the art equipment in order to perform accurate testing. Being Kel-Tech trained and tested, enables the employer to feel confident in the safety of his employees and workers.

Gas Testing Requirements:

Testing the atmosphere:
Section 9.25 states
(1) Except as stated in subsection (7), before a worker enters a confined space, the employer must ensure that the atmosphere in the confined space is tested,
(2) The pre-entry testing must be
(a) Conducted as specified in the written work procedures, and
(b) Completed not more than 20 minutes before a worker enters a confined space
(3) When all workers have vacated the confined space for more than 20 minutes, pre entry testing, as required by subsection (1), must be repeated
(4) While a worker is inside a confined space with a moderate or high hazard atmosphere, additional testing must be conducted as necessary to ensure the worker’s continuing safety
(5) Whenever practicable, continuous monitoring of the atmosphere must be done
(6) If a worker enters a confined space with a moderate or high hazard atmosphere, the employer must continuously monitor the atmosphere if a flammable or explosive atmosphere in excess of 20% of the lower explosive limit could develop.

Kel Tech Safety Services Victoria Duncan Nanaimo Ladysmith Services

Confined Space Entry Training

Kel-Tech Confined Space Training Course includes:

  • Confined Space Introduction and Regulations
  • Hazards of a Confined Space

Pre Entry Requirements including:

  • Confined Space Program
  • Hazard Assessment and Owner/Client Entry Plan
  • Training Requirements and Record Keeping

Entering a Confined Space, including:

  • The Entry Permit and On-site Rescue
  • Lockout for “Zero Energy”
  • Atmospheric Safety and Ventilation
  • Interactive Exercises and Tests
  • Certificate upon successful completion of course

We Train To The Following Standards:

  • Work Safe BC
  • Work Safe Alberta
  • OSHA
  • CSA
  • ANSI
Kel Tech Safety Services Victoria Duncan Nanaimo Ladysmith Training
Kel Tech Safety Services Victoria Duncan Nanaimo Ladysmith Training

Confined Spaces Provincial Contacts

Confined Spaces has a set of national regulations. However, individual provinces and territories may have introduced minor changes while integrating Confined Spaces with their occupational health and safety regulatory regime.

Here are provincial Regulations for any special Confined Spaces requirements:

British Columbia

British Columbia Occupational Health & Safety Regulation, 296/97, Part 9.8


Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Code 2009, Part 5 46(1)


Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, Part XVIII 272(3)


Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulation 217/2006, Part 15


Ontario Regulation 632/05 Section 8 & 9


Quebec OH&S Regulation, LRQ, c.S-2.1, Section XXI

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Regulation 91-191 Part 17 263(6)

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Regulation 4/2004 Part 12 130 3(b) & 5(a)

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland & Labrador Consolidated Regulation 70/09

Nation-wide (Canada)

Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (SOR/86-304) Section 11.11

Kel-Tech Safety Services Danger Confined Space and Gas Training

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